Snap Title 42 has the resources to expedite your Title needs quicker than most. Whether it is a court ordered Title Approval or a Title 42 our office is always notified of any changes before any mistakes can be made.

Oklahoma is much easier than most states to obtain a lost title. Once we get you approved
you can transfer your title to another state. Snap Title 42 has been processing and filing Title 42 work for more than 8 years. We currently use the latest approved forms by Service Oklahoma (Motor Vehicle Division) for vehicles, ATV’s, manufactured homes, commercial trailers, boats and outboard motors, etc. Snap Title
42 will complete all required information that must be filed to obtain a registration and title. This process is used for abandoned property on your land or as a mechanics lien for business owners with signed work orders and the owner fails to return without payment for your services.

If you had purchased a motor driven apparatus or trailer from an individual or from an auction and was not given a title Snap Title 42 can petition the courts on your behalf for an approval for a new title in your name. This procedure is called a Court Ordered Title Approval and can be completed in about 2 weeks depending on holidays.

NOTE: If the Judge approves your paperwork, he gets paid. If Service Oklahoma finds an old
lien from another state, it is your responsibility to provide the lien release. There will be no
refunds given.

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