New Service Oklahoma ( Motor Vehicle Bureau) Laws pertaining to Title 42 or Mechanics Liens are in effect as of January. 1, 2023. The process takes about 3 months to complete from the time we receive your paperwork from you. This new procedure makes it much more difficult for anyone to attempt the process of TITLE 42 without being denied. Leave the frustration to us. Our office is up to date on how to be approved the first time around. We deliver your completed paperwork to Service Oklahoma personally. Not by mail. Snap Title 42 is well known to this agency and is always notified of any changes.

TITLE 42 PROCESS: Our fee for this process is $210.00 with one person on record. There will be an extra charge for the NCIC report making sure that the property is not reported stolen.

COURT ORDERED TITLE PROCESS: Our fee for this process is $375.00. If you purchased a vehicle and were given a bill of sale, a Court Ordered Title Approval is your best solution in obtaining a legal title in your name. THIS PROCESS TAKES ABOUT 3 WEEKS DEPENDING ON HOLIDAYS FOR YOUR APPROVAL.

NOTE: If the Judge approves your paperwork, he gets paid. If Service Oklahoma (DMV) finds an old lien from another state, it is your responsibility to provide the lien release. There will be no refunds given.

We also provide out of state titles changing over to Oklahoma Lost or missing Titles for:

• Cars
• Trucks
• Motorcycles

• Trailers
• Boats
• Boat Motors
• Wave Runners
• Manufactured Homes
• Mobile Homes
• Towing Facilities /we provide titles for towing companies